Special vehicles and chassis

We offer also the following types of special trailers upon request – most of the chassis can be delivered also with COC:

Low bed trailer with a tilting platform for the transport of road marking machines

For road marking machines we have constructed two low-bed trailers with a tilting platform: the loading platforms are being lifted with a hydraulic device (either handpump or an electro-hydraulic device) so that they form an even loading area with the ramps. After the ascent the superstructure can be lowered after a touch on a button.

The trailer model 1020/10500 with tarpaulin top has a payload of about 7500 kg and is built above the wheels – thus the width inbetween the tarpaulin is 2,42m. After developing this model with a length of 6,40m and pneumatic springs the drive-up angle is less than 9,5°! The loading area will be lifted by double working cylinders and an electro hydraulic pump. If desired when can also offer the ramps to be operated hydraulicly and integrate a handpump as an emergency function. A coupling at the front wall for the securing of the machines can be offered also.

Technical Data of the tilting low bed trailer for road marking machines:

Type Sheet 1020-10500 engl

If you have only have street marking machines up to 3,5t weight, we can also offer a modified machine transport trailer with long bevelling and longer ramps for the transport of street marking machines: