The Three side tipper – the allrounder for your fleet!
Total weight: 5 t – 19 t

The Three side tipper of Blomenröhr are real allrounders for your purpose at landscaping or construction sites: you can easily load construction machinery onto the low tipper via the inserted aluminium ramps and fasten them. As soon as the machine is at the construction site, the tipper can take the excavated material and bring it to the disposal site. It does not matter whether it is a fine topsoil, grated sand, gravel, grit, asphalt or thick stones – the sidewalls lock tight and the HARDOX floor, that is being built in for standard, withstands any type of load!

Does the tipper run more on rough terrain than on streets? Then wide off-road tyres can be used for a lower ground pressure. Herewith the ground clearance is even higher.

At the disposal site or the place of destination the excavated material can be unloaded to the sides or to the back by the means of a strong 4-layered tipping cylinder – the tipping angle is normally 45°. Since the lighting is installed in the protection boom, the sidewalls are strong and laser-welded and the tipping locks sturdy nothing will be damaged during this process!

Do you want to transport also in autumn or spring chaff or foliage we recommend also addtional sidewalls made of steel, aluminium or perforated plates – thus you can use your trailer all around the year and earn money with it!

The Three side tipper >10 t total weight are equipped with the brake system EBS and the parking brake TEM with Safe Parking. Herewith we use the newest braking technology! Even though being an individual trailer most models can be delivered with COC/EC type approval and therefore the homologation in your EU-country is easy, quick and economical.

We give you a competent customer advice which three tipper model with which equipment is suitable for your special operational purpose. We have different lashing equipment as well as tool boxes in our program. The three side tippers are varnished individually to your desire with a high-quality truck coating made by BASF/Glasurit – a galvanized chassis are also possible.

The individual style and colour of the trailer is outstanding and gives your company a face! Because of the high-quality and diverse equipment the trailers are being practical in use and also economical in maintenance.

Three side tipper in detail