Tandem-Platform trailer made to measure for the transport of scaffoldings and construction material, Total weight: 5 t – 14 t

With our Tandem-platform trailers from 5 t to 14 t total weight you can easily transport scaffoldings, casing material or pallets.  They have – as all trailers from Blomenröhr – a very low loading height and can be easily loaded. With standard equipment the trailers have in comparison to the low bed trailers side profiles, in which each 40cm is a lashing hook recessed in the floor.

Commonly these trailers are equipped with a higher front wall, pluggable stanchions or aluminium-sidewalls. Also here the customer decides, which accessory is important for him! All vehicles are being built upon customer’s request and the accessory is determined by the client. Even though being an individual trailer most models can be delivered with COC/EC type approval and therefore the homologation in your EU-country is easy, quick and economical.

Important here for us is also the high manufacturing quality: every steel part is welded and not screwed or riveted! As long beams we use rolled IPE beams. The floor is made of 18- or 24 mm thick water- and slip-resistant plywood. Of course the trailers can be equipped with an air suspension! In all trailers >10 t the modern brake system EBS with TEM (Trailer Emergency Module) is used; with this brake system the braking distances is much shorter than with the ABS system. An important aspect and security device since especially haulage or scaffolding trailers drive on long distances! For an easy adaptation to different towing vehicles all platform trailers have a height adjustable drawbar.


Platform trailer in detail


 Platform trailers