From 1963 to today

The founder Anton Blomenröhr established 1963 the company Blomenröhr and manufactured at the beginning the most different products: site trailers, protective grids for conveyor systems in mines, spiral staircases and trailers for beehives have been among them until he discovered trailers for the machine transport for himself.

The product range increased steadily – 1980 he founded Birco Brake Technology – the company that until to today equips different commercial vehicles and industrial trucks with pneumatic brake systems.

In 1990 the company “Fahrzeugbau Egeln” in the former GDR close to Magdeburg was taken over, in which still trailers with smaller and middle-sized tonnages are being built.

In the year 2005 the generation change has taken place – the founder assigned the companies to his daughters Cordula Wenzel and Iris Blomenröhr as well as his son-in-law Joachim Wenzel. The number of employees has increased to constantly over 55 workers. The flexibility in our production through the high production depth, the professional training and employment of qualified workers at the two sites as well as the proximity to customers through our dealer-partners are the strengths of our company.

  • 1963 Foundation of Anton Blomenröhr
  • 1978 Relocation into a bigger site in Geseke
  • 1980 Foundation of Birco Bremstechnik und Handel GmbH – Birco Brake Technology and Trading
  • 1990 The company „Fahrzeugbau Egeln“ close to Magdeburg has been taken over, where nowadays smaller vehicle types are being manufactured.
  • 2002 Construction of a new production hall in Geseke
  • 2005 Generation change – takeover of the companies through the daughters and son-in-law as managing directors and associates
  • 2010 Re-construction of the officebuilding
  • 2015/2016 Achievement of the EC-type approvals (COC) for most of the models