18t three-way tipper with automatic tailgate opening!

Since the desire of many construction companies to transport heavy construction machinery with three-way tippers with large single tyres and thus to have a universally usable trailer is unbroken, our development department completely revised the design of the single-tyre tandem three-way tipper last year and developed a very low and thus safe and easy-to-load tipper:
our type 890/18000-2 with wide tyres 385/55 R 22.5 and a loading area length of 5.50m has a loading height of only 1.13m – although it has 10t ramp rails inserted under the loading area! This low loading height combined with long ramp rails ensures an extremely acceptable ramp angle of 17°!

Drive-up angle of 17°, ramps with 10t load capacity per pair, weight per ramp: 66kg

With the standard loading area length of 5.50m and 600mm high drop sides, it has a loading volume of 8m³. The loading volume is sufficient for 14.6t of limestone ballast, 12t of topsoil or 12.5t of gravel. Extendable aluminium loading rails with 10t load capacity are inserted under the tipper bridge with HARDOX floor – 12t ramps (72kg/ramp) are also possible with unchanged loading height! This means that even common 10-12t excavators or wheel loaders can be loaded easily. The load floor height is kept extremely low at 1.13m, but thanks to the wide tyres it has a high ground clearance for driving in gravel pits or uneven terrain, for example.

Swinging wing door: Ramps do not need to be put down before hanging!

A completely new feature is the possible design of the rear drop side as a swinging wing door. With this option, the annoying putting down of the ramps is no longer necessary! This tailgate can also be operated very conveniently via our new automatic tailgate opening. We have chosen a pneumatic solution: when tipping backwards, two pneumatic valves give the signal to a cylinder to open or close the hooks at the rear. The valves are supplied via the trailer’s compressed air system. No further connections are necessary!

Prospekt Dreiseitenkipper 890-18000-2


This is also how our tipper type 890/18000-2 can be used: equipped with an asphalt thermal container for road construction! The asphalt container was built by our long-standing partner ATC-Richter from Hessisch-Lichtenau and is easily removable if the tipper is to be used for transporting machinery or bulk materials.

A trailer really cannot be used more universally!

Bauma 2022 – Rückblick

They were exhausting but “uplifting” days at the end of October 2022!

The bauma in Munich from 24.10.-31.10.22 was again very well frequented with almost 500,000 visitors. Our dedicated bauma team has had countless discussions. Above all, the proportion of foreign prospective customers was very high, contrary to our expectations! From Finland to Spain (north to south in Europe) – from Iceland to Bangladesh (non-European) interested customers were there. In the follow-up to the trade fair, offers are to be sent to 20 different countries.

Admittedly, a reluctance to buy and uncertainty can be felt, especially among German customers. However, that depends on the construction industry in which it works: in road and pipeline construction everything is still going well at a high level, in building construction and landscaping the order situation is declining. Nevertheless, the mood was good and you could tell that people were hungry for personal contacts, exchange and hands-on products. Almost all of our dealers have drawn a positive conclusion. With our products there was not a “hit” – all vehicle types with their robust construction and the special equipment shown were very well received. An eye-catcher was certainly our overdesigned 18t three-way tipper with the low loading height of 1.13m. Or the 21t tandem low-loader with electro-hydraulic ramp operation and 16.7t payload. But even with our mini low-loader, many agreed: there was no other such robust, overrun-braked mini low-loader to be seen at bauma! Incidentally, you can find the exhibited products with technical descriptions individually under “Types & Models” in the individual trailer categories on our homepage behind a caterpillar vehicle icon.



The summer weather, which was not to be expected at the end of October, was certainly conducive to the positive course of the trade fair. While it was still pouring at the start of the trade fair on Monday, the weather got sunnier and warmer every day. Until 25°C T-shirt weather was reached on Saturday.

So we keep bauma 2022 in good memory as a “summer fair” and look forward to the next event from April 4th to 13th 2025.

Our bauma 2022 trade fair team would like to thank all interested parties, dealers and suppliers for your visit and the lively, friendly exchange! We hope to have gained their trust in our products and our company. The offers that are still open will be sent to you in the next few days – we are still in the middle of the trade fair follow-up! (11/10/2022)

Cordula und Joachim Wenzel, Michael Raderkopp, Christian Quiring, Jonas Voßebürger und Frank Hüttmann


bauma 2022 will open its doors soon!

Soon it will finally be that time again: Bauma 2022 will open its doors!
From October 24th to October 30th, 2022 we would like to welcome you to our stand FN721/1 in the outdoor area. We are exhibiting a large number of innovations on our vehicles there: the focus is certainly on the new underride protection that we have designed and had certified for our vehicles in recent months. For example, all heavy trailers and commercial vehicles newly registered from July 2022 require reinforced underride protection in accordance with ECE R58-03, the technical requirements of which have been greatly tightened in terms of force, connection to the chassis, overhang and height above the ground, which is particularly important for trailers with fixed trailers at the rear ramps was a big challenge!

We had set ourselves the premise of retaining our tried-and-tested and popular ramp spring lifting mechanism with the springs under the loading area for the low-loaders and two-way tippers. For us, as a nearly 60-year-old family vehicle construction company, this has proven to be extremely robust, low-maintenance, less risk of injury and easy to use. In addition, the protection of the lighting system should be guaranteed as best as possible! As a vehicle manufacturer, we could now have relied on the purchase of already tested URP from component manufacturers – but only with difficulty if we retained our robust vehicle construction. Our technology has therefore itself designed new URP from 4.5-25t GG with connection, which best meet the requirements of the customers and can be used with most low-loaders, tippers and chassis. These new URP will now be presented for the first time at Bauma 2022!

So that the sensitive and expensive lighting is still well protected, it will be installed in the URP in the future. The same applies to the number plate with lighting, which will still be clearly visible. The necessary lane keeping/position lights are attached to the side of the URP so that the wiring is well protected in the URP. If dirt collects in the URP, it can be flushed out through the slots in the floor!

For this innovative achievement, we are now also being supported by the federal government as a small, medium-sized company when participating in the leading international trade fair “Bauma”, which we are very proud of!

In the heavy low-loader and tipper segment in particular, we are presenting other major innovations:
A 21t tandem low-loader with a payload of 17t will be shown at the Bauma, which has a newly designed electro-hydraulic ramp lifter that is very easy to operate using a wireless remote control. The towing vehicle does not need a hydraulic connection, only a powerful power connection to operate the heavy ramps.

The tandem three-way tipper type 890/18000 with single tires has been redesigned and, despite the wide 385/55 R 22.5 tires, will now only have an overall height of approx. 1.10 m! And that with inserted aluminum loading rails with a payload of up to 12t. The vehicle with a loading area length of 5.50 m, 600 mm high steel side walls, a robust parabolic spring unit for construction site use and HARDOX floor is therefore ideally suited for transporting construction machinery with a dead weight of 12 t as well as for bulk goods that can be tipped using the new tailgate release.

We are looking forward to your visit!

Parade of the new underrun protections

As we informed you last year, from July 2022 all newly registered vehicles will require a reinforced and tested underrun protection in accordance with ECE R58-03. Here you find our information on this topic: New underrun protection for tippers, low bed trailers with slide-in ramps and platform trailers

The design and acceptance of the new URP for low-loaders with fixed ramps presented us (and many other vehicle manufacturers as well) with a major challenge and was not easy to implement. We had set ourselves the premise of retaining our proven and popular ramp spring lifting mechanism with the springs underneath the loading area. This is extremely robust, low-maintenance, adjustable, low risk of injury and easy to use. And the protection of the vulnerable lighting system should be guaranteed as best as possible.

We have now completely succeeded in this: see the parade of Blomenröhr low loaders and tippers in a new look with tested underride protection in accordance with ECE R58-03!

Tandem low bed trailer model 688/18000 with reinforced underrun protection in accordance with ECE R58-03

Tandem two-way tipper model 895/11900 with reinforced underrun protection in accordance with ECE R58-03

Tandem low bed trailer model 695/11900 with inserted ramps – and new UFS

Tandem three-way tipper and low-loader model 884/11900 with new underrun protection and complete LED equipment as well as LED auxiliary rear lights

So that the lighting (whether with light bulbs or as full LED equipment) is very well protected, it will be installed in the URP in the future. The same applies to the number plate with lighting, which must still be clearly visible. The necessary lane keeping/position lights are attached to the side of the URP so that the wiring is well protected in the UFS. If dirt accumulates in the URP, it can be flushed out through the slots in the floor.

In the future, all UFS will receive a label with a test certificate and release number:

This means that we can continue to deliver all vehicles with COC/EG type approval!

Blomenröhr Fahrzeugbau GmbH, 15.7.2022


New underrun protection for tippers, low bed trailers with slide-in ramps and platform trailers

Since September 1rst, 2021, new legal requirements for rear underrun protections (RUP) have been in effect for trailers with EC type approval – and from July 2022 also for vehicles with individual TÜV approval.

That is why our tippers, low bed trailers with inserted ramps, chassis and also flatbed vehicles will soon have a new, elegant design at the rear! We designed our own RUP for our vehicles and had it checked and approved by the TÜV Nord. Here you can see what our vehicles (without fixed ramps) will look like in the future and what advantages the new RUP offers you:

So that the sensitive and expensive lighting (here LED lights) is still well protected, it will be installed in the RUP in the future. The same applies to the number plate with lighting, which will still be clearly visible. The necessary lane warning / position lights are attached to the side of the RUP so that the wiring is well protected in the RUP. If dirt collects in the RUP, it can be rinsed out through the slots in the floor!

You can read more information on the subject of why a new underrun protection must be attached to trailers and what is changing here according to R58-03 in our “Infothek” (available only in German):

Wieso gibt es einen neuen Unterfahrschutz bei Anhängern? Was ändert sich beim Unterfahrschutz gemäß R58-03?


Tailor-made low loaders for road marking machines of all sizes!

Road marking machines with a very long wheelbase and low ground clearance can only be loaded on special low-loaders. Each machine is individually configured by the respective manufacturer for the needs of the customer – special attachments are the order of the day. Since frequent loading and moving of the machines is part of the daily work program, it must be possible to secure the machines quickly and easily.

At the request of road marking companies, we have already designed and built a number of low loaders in a wide variety of sizes: experience has shown that the machines require an approach angle of approx. 9 ° and a very flat kink point so that they do not get stuck when approaching. For smaller machines with a dead weight of 3000-6000kg, a drive-through low loader is usually sufficient, which is equipped with particularly long ramps and an extended ramp. The maximum width between the drop sides is 2.03 m here.

See in our brochure which of our vehicle types can be used for the transport of your machine and which equipment variants are available!
Prospekt Tieflader für Fahrbahnmarkierungs-Maschinen Innenbreite 2,m

Further information can also be found on our homepage under special vehicles:Link to our homepage “special vehicles”

or you can watch a video, how quickly and easily our low loader can be loaded with a road marking machine!    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EyJUKorG6Iw

The low loader can be offered with or without a tarpaulin structure, with a closed tail lift or individual ramps, with warning lighting by means of speed cameras or rotating beacons and with a bolt or maneuvering coupling on the front wall to secure the machine.

For heavier road marking machines or those that require a drive-through width of more than 2.0 m, we have designed an innovative low-loader with a tiltable loading area with a continuous drive-on angle of 9 °. Using an electric hydraulic pump, the front loading area is raised in no time by two hydraulic cylinders, which enables a wide variety of marking machines to be loaded very conveniently and quickly. The loading of machines up to a dead weight of 7300kg / 7800kg (without / with tarpaulin structure) is possible on this low loader.

Here, too, there are some special equipment variants. For example, it is possible to easily raise the ramps using an electrohydraulic pump, attach the pin coupling to various positions on the bulkhead or use the low-loader without a tarpaulin roof frame:

You find our matching brochure here: ankippbarer Tieflader Typ 1020/10500

We only use components from well-known manufacturers for all of our low-loaders! This significantly extends the service life of the low-loader and ensures a fast and reliable supply of spare parts. The robust frame construction and the excellent paintwork are also decisive for a long service life. The steel components are all welded and not riveted or bolted. We are happy to take your wishes and requirements for special equipment into account – if you have a need, simply contact us for a non-binding offer.

Exhibitions and fairs firmly in our sight!

After the cancelation of the Galabau 2020 in Nürnberg, we would happily like to see customers and interested parties from the construction industry soon again at a trade fair or exhibition. We already registered for the Demopark in Eisenach last year, which was originally supposed to take place at the end of June 2021. For good and well-known reasons, the Demopark has now been postponed to the end of September 2021 (September 26-28, 2021). We hope so and keep our fingers crossed that it can really take place!

At this open-air exhibition, which takes place on the wide grounds of Kindel Airport near Eisenach, not only machines that are polished to a high gloss are shown, but they are also demonstrated in action.

Here are a few impressions of the Demopark 2017:

In September 2021 there is another fair in Belgium scheduled where we have shown our products for years and for which we plan already ahead:

8-12. September – Kortrijk Xpo

Bauma 2022 is just around the corner as the next exciting major trade fair!Here, too, we have already registered, are planning new products and equipment and hope that visitors from near and far will be able to visit the fair again.

33rd Edition of the World’s Leading Trade Fair for Construction Machinery, Building Material Machines, Mining Machines, Construction Vehicles and Construction Equipment
April 4–10, 2022 | Messe München

We hope to meet you there!

At a distance – by drawbar length! Our cancellation of the GaLaBau 2020!

Our production of low loaders and tippers is currently continuing as planned – our employees work at a distance in our spacious halls. Due to our high material inventory, there have been no delays in production up to date. If changes occur here, we will inform our clients waiting for their trailers directly!

We are happy to welcome our customers for new vehicles (maximum 2 people at the same time) again “At a distance” and in compliance with the mask requirement in our plant in Geseke. We advise you on site and are happy to show you our production. Please register beforehand by phone and make an appointment!

We also ask our customers from the spare parts business to order the required goods from us and have them delivered or to arrange contactless collection at the gate. The collection of the trailers is still possible as before – since the loading takes place outside, the necessary distance can also be maintained.

Our cancellation of the GaLaBau 2020

In March 2020 we already canceled our participation at the GaLaBau in September 2020: due to the corona situation, we find it difficult to carry out the required precautionary measures with distance rules, mask requirements and hygiene regulations. The fair represents a considerable financial outlay – but we don’t even know whether and how many visitors will / may come! It also remains to be seen how the delivery situation for the components of our products will develop. We ask for your understanding if you will not find us at this year’s GaLaBau! We have already registered for the “Demopark” open-air exhibition in June 2021 in Eisenach – we would be happy to greet you there with an undisguised smile

Merry Christmas!

We wish all business partners and interested parties a merry and peaceful Christmas and a good start to the new year 2020!

Our company is closed from 23.12.2019-3.1.2020. You can reach us again in old / new freshness from 6.1.2020.

Loading crane mounted at Tandem Low Bed trailer: kills two birds with one stone!

Loading heavy material and transporting construction machines with the same low bed trailer – that’s what you can do with the Blomenröhr 11,9t low bed trailer with inserted aluminum loading ramps with a Palfinger loading crane!

Heavy drill pipe should be un-/loaded at the construction site by means of a loading crane from a low loader. The requirement of the customer was that the crane should charge loads of 1200kg with a reach of 2.70m onto the trailer. When mounting on central axle trailers, you need to pay attention to the load distribution of the vertical load / axle load – so the weight of the components need to be taken in account as well as the position of the load and the axles.
The trailer manufacturer Blomenröhr chose for this project the Palfinger PC3800 crane, which weighs only 238kg and has a payload of 1360kg at a range of 2.70m. For the drive of the crane a motor was selected, which drives the hydraulic aggregate with 12l tank contents. The crane is supplied with 24V control power via the towing vehicle and can be operated by a remote control. Before operation, the side supports must be pulled out and extended hydraulically.
Further requirement: Both machines and cargo as well as long material should be able to be transported with the trailer. The Blomenröhr model 695/11900 with 1000kg support load was chosen. In this type of vehicle, the aluminum loading rails with a load of 9 tons are inserted underneath the loading platform and secured by a steel flap with lock. The ramps are hooked into the shaft at the rear and the tailgate is closed by a hinged door. The free loading area is 4,50m – the chassis is extended forward by 1m for the crane body. Due to the crane structure with motor, tank and hydraulic unit, the load capacity of 1000kg is claimed at about 40%.

Thanks to the equipment of the low loader with the loading crane, the trailer can be used universally and kills two birds with one stone: a driver can load and unload heavy material at the construction site and transport it in one go. At the same time, the low loader is ideal for transporting construction machinery.