Low Bed trailer – the multitalent at the construction sites
Total weight: 5 t – 25 t

Our trailers are designed for the use at construction sites!

When manufacturing our trailers we rely on a solid and well-thought-out construction and professional welding. The cross beams of the chassis are arranged in a very narrow distance. Features, that are very important at the transport of machines with high punctual load.

A good parabolic suspension ensures a good traction also on rough terrain. The ramps over which the machine climb up easily onto the loading area can be sideways adjusted and are built massively. Equipped with the spring lifters (> 10 t total weight) they are easy to lift up. The spring lifters are located underneath the loading area and are almost maintenance free – this safes maintenance cost! The low drive-up angle is achieved with a beveled tailgate and a low loading height. Lashing points are welded into the side profile in a distance of about 1,25m and offer therefore a lot of possibilities of a good lashing of the freight. The telescopic supports cannot get stuck in the soil and the lamps are mounted in a steel frame. The double wooden floor (>10 t total weight) has a good grip and is more elastic for the machine transport. The upper plywood plate can be exchanged easily when worn out. The steel sidewalls are sturdy and the high-quality varnishing lets your fleet look good and is a marketing for your company. Shall the trailer be loaded from the sides with pallets or general cargo? No problem. The laser-welded steel sidewalls can be folded down and taken off. The drawbar can be height-adjusted with a winch and guarantees flexibility with the choice of the towing vehicle.

The low bed trailers >10 t total weight are equipped with the brake-system EBS and the parking brake TEM with Safe Parking. With this we use newest technology for brake security! Even though being an individual trailer most models can be delivered with COC/EC type approval and therefore the homologation in your EU-country is easy, quick and economical.

We give you a competent customer advice which low bed trailer model with which equipment is suitable for your special operational purpose. We have different lashing equipment as well as tool boxes in our program. The low bed trailers are varnished individually to your desire with a high-quality truck coating made by BASF/Glasurit – a galvanized chassis and ramps are also possible. Thanks to the different accessory possibilities the low bed trailer can also be used as a combination trailer for the transport of containers or roll-off containers and construction machinery!

The individual style and colour of the trailer is outstanding and gives your company a face! Because of the high-quality and diverse equipment the trailers are being practical in use and also economical in maintenance.

Low bed trailer in detail