Two-axle trailers – our sturdy load carrier for big cargo
Total weight: 12 t -18 t

Is the centre-axle load not sufficient at your towing vehicle in order to pull a 18 t centre axle trailer? Do you need a extended loading area for the transport of long material? Don’t you want to take care of the right weight distribution (axle load – support load) at the trailer? Do you recently carry divided load?

Then our two-axle trailers are the right alternative to the Tandem-low bed tralier – and this not only for one cargo but also for the most different operation purposes!

We offer as a basic model the 18 t two-axle machine transport trailer with sideways-adjustable ramps and a cranked loading area or the 18 t two-axle longmaterial transport trailer with straight loading area. At the two versions a choosable loading height of  1060 mm or 990mm can be offered. The equipment is – as everything at Blomenröhr – very flexible: with straight loading area or bevelling loading area at the back, with long ramps at the back or also ramps inserted underneath the floor, with air suspension or parabolic springs, with the most different equipment for the lashing and securing of your cargo such as pluggable stanchions, low twin-wheels or big off-road tyres, with or without sidewalls made of steel or aluminium.

Next to the specific features the two-axle trailers are always built very sturdily of steel of the quality S355, for the lowest loading height the cross beams are worked into the long beams and also we use the most modern brake system EBS with TEM. The narrow distances between the cross beams and the double wooden floor allow the carriage of very high punctual load. For a long durability and a perfect appearance all of the vehicles are being varnished in our varnishing cabine: all steel parts are being blasted before employment. Afterwards the vehicle is being cleaned and primed with a zinc-phosphate containing paint. Two top coatings consisting of a high-quality 2-component paint by Glasurit/BASF as well as a conservation of cavities with wax  ensure for a perfect result.

A long-lasting product with modern brake technology and appealing design, that gives your vehicle fleet a special face!

Two-axle trailer in detail