Minitrailers for professionals – this one runs and runs and runs…
Total Weight: 2,1 t to 3,85 t

Trailers that are used daily at construction sites need to fulfill different criteria than trailers that run occasionally on the streets: potholes, dirt, stones, uneven and muddy ground request a high ground clearance at the low bed trailers. When these trailers also load construction machinery, that have a high punctual load, you can imagine, which forces work onto the trailer! That these trailers need to be constructed much more sturdy than commercial trailers, can be easily envisioned.

Blomenröhr builds low bed trailers since 1963 for this use. We did not make cuts at the sturdiness of the trailer: we use as always strengthening at the profiles, which give the trailers the necessary stability and the axles and the overrun hitch are oversized. We use exclusively steel components that are all completely welded and not screwed or riveted. The ground clearance is at about 25cm – for a low and secure drive-up the ramps need to be longer. As a standard we galvanize our Minitrailers in an immersion bath. As material we use only high-quality components, for which you still receive spare parts even after decades.

As all our trailers the Minitrailers are manufactured by hand and on the customer’s request: at the different models from 2,1 to 3,85 t total weight a payload of up to 2,9t can be achieved.

Please get an overview, with which equipment our Minitrailer scores!

Minitrailer in Detail