Birco Bremstechnik – Brake technology and special superstructures

Birco Bremstechnik and Handels GmbH is a sister company of Blomenröhr Fahrzeugbau. In the 80s  the company founder Anton Blomenröhr had a lot of requests by clients, who wanted to pull their trailers with air brakes with Off-road vehicles or SUVs. He found a solution for the equipment of these vehicles with pneumatic brakes as well as the upgrading for heavier trailer loads and founded the company BIRCO, which is a composition of the last name and the first names of his daughters – Iris and Cordula.

Since the foundation in 1983 Birco concentrates mainly on the installation of pneumatic brakes in different commercial and industrial vehicles. Since decades Birco is a partner of considerable manufacturers of vehicles of the intralogistics sector and equips their industrial trucks with air brakes thus they can pull and brake heavy trailer loads also in uneven and steep terrain.

In the last years Birco has also developed for manufacturers of industrial trucks to a specialist in superstructures for special customer needs: thus Birco offers to build special cranes on the platforms of the industrial trucks or to add hydraulicly lifting loading ramps. For these special applications the final acceptance with a CE conformity is an important theme since these vehicles need to fulfill particular safety requirements.

A new special superstructure from 2017 onto a Still truck is a hydraulic scissors lift with a payload of 1500daN. Fields of application is the loading of trains in different heights. Via the loading flaps on the right and left side of the conveyor cage with security gate the trains can be loaded on different heights. The lift table can be operated through the conveyor cage as well as at the backside of the truck.

This is how trucks in an industrial assembly can be used really multifunctional: on one truck we have mounted a single-circuit hydraulic pump with an output of 27l/min with an oil tank of 40l. On the other truck we added a two-circuit hydraulic aggregate and a pneumatic brake system for trailers: thus the truck can pull, push and brake heavy trailers securely also on slopes and fill and operate tippers or hydraulic cylinders rapidly (also with an output of 27l/min oil). Still the flap above the battery can be opened fully.

Brochure of special superstructures for trucks made by Birco:

Special Superstruckstures on industrial trucks

Superstructures Chariots de manutention französisch

But also the superstructure with tarpaulin and frame or a backward tipper-top are tasks for Birco. Because of the profound knowledge in a lot of areas such as the depth of production at Blomenröhr  Fahrzeugbau there is enough expertise to fulfill the most different requirements of the clients: special constructions, hydraulic and electrical applications, steel construction, varnishing, knowledge concerning different brake technology with a high quality requirement. These solutions are mostly individual applications!

Next to the vehicles for the intralogistics sector Birco converts also small trucks to semi-trailer tractor: from the application of pneumatic brakes and the fifths-wheel coupling onto a subframe with TÜV-approval Birco offers always the complete solution for the client! Important is the close coordination with the truck supplier so that the truck fulfils the requirements for the homologation to a semi-trailer tractor. Customer requirements such as swap-bodies can be taken into account.