Parade of the new underrun protections

As we informed you last year, from July 2022 all newly registered vehicles will require a reinforced and tested underrun protection in accordance with ECE R58-03. Here you find our information on this topic: New underrun protection for tippers, low bed trailers with slide-in ramps and platform trailers

The design and acceptance of the new URP for low-loaders with fixed ramps presented us (and many other vehicle manufacturers as well) with a major challenge and was not easy to implement. We had set ourselves the premise of retaining our proven and popular ramp spring lifting mechanism with the springs underneath the loading area. This is extremely robust, low-maintenance, adjustable, low risk of injury and easy to use. And the protection of the vulnerable lighting system should be guaranteed as best as possible.

We have now completely succeeded in this: see the parade of Blomenröhr low loaders and tippers in a new look with tested underride protection in accordance with ECE R58-03!

Tandem low bed trailer model 688/18000 with reinforced underrun protection in accordance with ECE R58-03

Tandem two-way tipper model 895/11900 with reinforced underrun protection in accordance with ECE R58-03

Tandem low bed trailer model 695/11900 with inserted ramps – and new UFS

Tandem three-way tipper and low-loader model 884/11900 with new underrun protection and complete LED equipment as well as LED auxiliary rear lights

So that the lighting (whether with light bulbs or as full LED equipment) is very well protected, it will be installed in the URP in the future. The same applies to the number plate with lighting, which must still be clearly visible. The necessary lane keeping/position lights are attached to the side of the URP so that the wiring is well protected in the UFS. If dirt accumulates in the URP, it can be flushed out through the slots in the floor.

In the future, all UFS will receive a label with a test certificate and release number:

This means that we can continue to deliver all vehicles with COC/EG type approval!

Blomenröhr Fahrzeugbau GmbH, 15.7.2022